Coca-Cola Nixes Global CMO Role in Corporate Reorganization: Continued Evolution

This is not necessarily a bold or new move but consistent with the trend of the CMO being responsible for the end-to-end CX. A survey conducted two years ago by The Growth Strategy group and BMA Chicago, Minnesota and Wisconsin spoke to this evolution.

The tweak is that an additional layer (CXO) is being added organizationally to get marketing and CX under one umbrella.

ABM @ The North Shore (Chicago) Modern Marketers Forum May 11, 2017

The North Shore (Chicago) Modern Marketers Forum met recently to discuss Account Based Marketing (ABM) with Charlie Liang from Engagio leading the discussion.

Having the technology to automate the account management targeting processes we’ve used in the consulting and software industries for some time is a real productivity boost.

There is immediate benefit to all professional services subsectors and B2B businesses.

‘Tis the Season for Modern Marketers

What an exciting week!

Here in Las Vegas, Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience is underway.  Last night,  Chicago did well in the Markies with Morningstar (Best Lead Management program) and Avon (Best Overall Customer Experience) receiving honors.

Those of you attending Marketo’s Summit in San Francisco, the speaker lineup is pretty awesome. If you can’t attend, register free for the keynotes which are being live streamed.   Steve Lucas’ keynote was visionary, inspiring and energizing.

Last, but not least, Kellstadt Marketing Group’s 9th Annual Symposium TellAStory will be held on Saturday, April 29. Register.

Key themes in all 3: CX including customer journey mapping and storytelling. The Engagement Economy. And, of course, ABM.

Marianne Hewitt facilitates 2017 priorities for Chicago AMA’s MarTech SIG

Chicago AMA launched its new MarTech SIG (Special Interest Group) Thursday evening, April 6, 2017 at TangoCode in the West loop.

The theme of the session was “Understanding end-to-end Marketing Technology Enablement”, the first of four MarTech SIGS to be conducted this year.

The group of over 20 attendees was led by Marianne Hewitt, Growth Strategist and Marketing Technologist with The Growth Strategy Group.  Marketers’ budgets and priorities for 2017 were presented, MarTech was defined and its scope was discussed and, most importantly, the group was surveyed for preferred topics in the 3 remaining SIGS in 2017.

Attendees overwhelmingly selected

  • Customer Experience
  • Analytics
  • Content Marketing and
  • Marketing Technologies

as the highest priority topics of interest for future meetings.

The date for the next SIG will be announced shortly and will be held during May or June.

Chicago AMA introduced Charley Orwig as Director of SIGs at this event.


Marianne Hewitt panelist at KMG Digital Marketing Event

The Kellstadt Marketing Group staged another fabulous event for students and alumni on Friday February 24 at DePaul’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center in Chicago.

The topics discussed by the power panel of marketers were Marketing Automation, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, mobile marketing and last, but not least, careers in digital marketing.

About the panel.

Anna Gong, President of KMG, produced the event.

Register for KMG’s 9th Annual Marketing Symposium – #TellaStory

The Growth Strategy Group Sponsors Chicago AMA MarTech Conference

On October 21st,The Growth Strategy Group will sponsor of Chicago AMA’s MarketingTech SMART 2016. Scott Brinker is the headliner.

We will be there to reinforce that Technology Empowers Marketing and advocate for thinking about digital marketing as laid out in The MarTech Roadmap.

To those of you in the Chicago area, please join us. The first five respondents who would like to attend will be able to purchase a ticket for $60 (member pricing is $95;  non-member pricing is $130) by emailing .

For more information, go to MarketingTech Smart 2016.

Technology Empowers Marketing: The MarTech Roadmap

This framework, The MarTech Roadmap,  was developed to address the toughest challenges identified by CMOs and their teams.

Its components are designed to take advantage of technology to deliver superior digital marketing products and services.

Marketers are telling me consistently they need help in tying things altogether – thinking and strategies, tactics and processes, roles and responsibilities.

The MarTech Roadmap is centered on Metrics That Matter and contains four major components:  Customer Relationships, Data, Technology and Operational Efficiency.

Read more about Technology Empowers Marketing:  The MarTech Roadmap



BMA Chicago CCO Awareness/Marketing as a Strategic Driver of Growth Survey Results Infographic by The Growth Strategy Group

BMA Chicago CCO Awareness Survey Results Infographic by The Growth Strategy Group

Key Findings of this survey:

  1. The number of companies establishing the CCO position is growing
  2. Insurance companies are leading the way (nationally, high tech companies are also early implementers)
  3. Education about the role of the CCO and marketing as a strategic driver of growth is required


Chief Customer Officer: Collaboration Between Business Marketing Association of Milwaukee and The Growth Strategy Group

Marianne S. Hewitt, Customer Engagement Strategist and Founder of The Growth Strategy Group, announces Business Marketing Association (BMA) of Milwaukee is collaborating with The Growth Strategy Group to bring BMA chapter members the most current thinking and trends in marketing and customer engagement  by conducting a survey about the role of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) that some organizations are establishing to lead and champion the needs and desires of customers throughout organizations.

The scope and span of control of this role varies at this point in time. Since it is a new role in the digital enterprise of the future, the CCO responsibilities are not yet well defined, and the few organizations that have established the role have differences in how they have implemented it.

The Growth Strategy Group, in conjunction with BMA Milwaukee, is conducting this survey to determine the current level of awareness and commitment to the CCO position and the future intent for implementing this role. The survey will identify the level of responsibility and accountability for customer and financial success assigned to the CCO and determine how serious companies are in changing cultures to be truly customer passionate and making customers the center of their business.

Survey responses will be aggregated and analyzed across a number of factors including, for example, industry sector, geographic location, size of company.

Findings will be published for members. Additional forums will be available to discuss the survey and the future role of the Chief Customer Officer as viewed by members and industry at large.

The Growth Strategy Group has also partnered with BMA Chicago on this same survey.  Results to be published and shared with members in the coming weeks.

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