The Difference Between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Since this topic has emerged twice this week (most recently in the CCO LinkedIn group), my thoughts –

Since the late 90s, many have used CRM to refer to “their tool” that provides data to support their customer service (and sales) processes.

But many of us used the term “CRM” to define a way of doing business. We view Customer Experience (CE) as the central component of the next phase of that evolution – the Age of the Customer.

CRM was siloed and had limitations for cross channel and cross functional integration. Customer Experience is total channel and addresses division or enterprise wide responses to customer needs and wants (there is still more to be accomplished on this front).

CRM does not invite a dialog and it was focused on the masses. Offers were extended in direct mail in search of something that would stand out and be accepted.

CXM is a conversation. The conversation is relevant, contextual, timely – as close as we’ve ever been to 1:1 with the use of data to deliver personalized next best actions.

Tools are needed for both CRM and CXM, and we are doomed without them. We also need executive sponsorship, culture change, and processes that enable the customer journeys that we seek to deliver.