To our colleagues and friends,

Organizations are increasing investment in Customer Experience. The high tech sector and insurers are leading the way in the creation of the Chief Customer Officer position.  Those same institutions are challenged by non-traditional providers of products and services and must create an environment where superb customer experiences are a differentiator to prevent erosion of market share.

We have worked with companies in recent years to define their customer and customer engagement strategies and drive those strategies through to implementation tactics for positive customer experiences.

To reinforce the market transition and our contribution to it, we are now doing business as The Growth Strategy Group.

What’s changed?

Simply stated, The Growth Strategy Group will focus on the development of customer engagement strategies, customer experience management and the implementation tactics for engagement marketing, sales and service in today’s environment.

Our new name and messaging reinforce:

  • the partnering environment in which we operate (we partner with other boutique consultancies that have deep data, social media and people change expertise) and
  • the value proposition of top executive talent and expertise as opposed to the more expensive leveraged models offered by the global consultancies.

What stays the same?   

Beyond the new logo, tagline (Growth Achieved) and website is our continued passion and excitement for strategizing and implementing solutions that define and enhance Customer Experiences.

Our commitment to client success will not waiver. Our pursuit of operational excellence is inherent in how we work with our clients.  In addition to helping our clients’ businesses prosper, we continue to differentiate ourselves by advising our clients on their professional growth.

Thank you for allowing us to contribute to your success.



Customer Engagement Strategist and Founder
The Growth Strategy Group