Demandbase has acquired Engagio!

ABM is a tool in every B2B marketer’s tool kit.

I’ve been a proponent of Engagio since Jon Miller launched.

This combination creates value for all stakeholders for its consolidation of thought leadership, technology platforms and market savvy.

Why is this a great transaction:

  • Brings consolidation for ABM in an ecosystem with thousands of  martech vendors
  • Combines thought leadership from 2 market leaders
  • Their platforms that fit together like hand and glove
  • The combined platforms will marry Engagio’s strength in first party data integration with Demandbase’ ability to determine intent and use of AI as we transition to a do not sell environment
  • ABM is a staple of every B2B marketer
    • The combination will bring tried and true practices and techniques for B2B account management:  enhance client retention, enable stronger cross sell and promote Loyalty.

Great news during challenging times!