In recent years, Asset Managers have made operational efficiencies their highest priority. More recently, this sector has identified Customer Experience (CX) as a close second priority.

In order to deliver the desired CX, data quality and a unified profile in real time over any channel are required.   CDPs provide the functionality needed for the desired CX and also contribute to operational efficiencies by eliminating data, people and technology silos.  CDPs orchestrate journeys rather than execute campaigns.

The CDP InstituteThe SME Forum (Company) – Sales and Marketing Enablement Forum and Marianne Hewitt collaborated on the first industry study of Asset Managers of all sizes to determine their level of understanding of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and their plans, if any, to implement CDPs.

The survey and other studies indicate that marketing is evolving in Asset Management firms and is on a journey to become data driven. Distribution is also utilizing data more to strengthen their sales process during the buyer’s journey.

Asset Managers lag behind the broader cross-industry population in current CDP deployments but are ahead of the curve when it comes to CDP deployments on a percentage basis in the next 12-24 months.

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