B2B Marketers: ABM Gets a Shot in the Arm

B2B Marketers:  ABM Gets a Shot in the Arm

  Demandbase has acquired Engagio! ABM is a tool in every B2B marketer’s tool kit. I’ve been a proponent of Engagio since Jon Miller launched. This combination creates value for all stakeholders for its consolidation of thought leadership, technology platforms and market savvy. Why is this a great transaction: Brings consolidation for ABM in an ecosystem with thousands of  martech vendors Combines thought leadership from 2 market leaders Their platforms that fit together like hand and glove The combined platforms will marry Engagio’s strength in first party data integration with Demandbase’ ability to determine intent and use of AI as we transition to a do not sell environment ABM is a staple of every B2B marketer The combination will bring tried and true practices and techniques for B2B account management:  enhance client retention, enable stronger cross sell and promote Loyalty. Great news during challenging times!

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ABM @ The North Shore (Chicago) Modern Marketers Forum May 11, 2017

The North Shore (Chicago) Modern Marketers Forum met recently to discuss Account Based Marketing (ABM) with Charlie Liang from Engagio leading the discussion. Having the technology to automate the account management targeting processes we’ve used in the consulting and software industries for some time is a real productivity boost. There is immediate benefit to all professional services subsectors and B2B businesses.

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